Megan & Seth’s Wedding Reception

Megan & Seth were an amazing couple to work with! Megan knew exactly what she wanted when we first met to begin the planning phase of the reception. Seth was pretty laid back and knew that I had everything handled! When I told her about how we can match our lighting to her special colors, she got very excited! Who doesn’t like candy apple green? A family friend was to be the master of ceremony for the reception, and I was to take over when the dances began. When we showed up the night before to start setting up, her friends and family knew they were in for a treat when they saw what we were bringing to the party!

The wedding ceremony was very classy and the energy radiating from the couple filled the room. Close friends sang a duet to a beautiful song (Oceans by Hillsong United). The atmosphere was simply…just right. The ceremony ended on a high energy note with members of the wedding party putting their own twists on walking down the aisle! Then the celebration began! We were honored to play a part of Seth & Megan’s beautiful day. Check out the video and pictures below!

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