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David Anderson Weddings provides Siouxland's most innovative lighting design creations. If you have a vision to create a unique experience for your guests, then you found the right place! Sit down with us so we can work together in bringing your vision to life!

David Anderson Weddings has worked with prominent Corporate Clients to create and enhance their themed celebrations. Our textured lighting used in combination with uplighting has created romantic ambiances for wedding clients as well. Seeing is truly believing!

Design elements that are used by David Anderson Weddings include the use of uplighting, wash lighting, pinspots, textured, themed, and software-based controlled lighting design. You will not find another Sioux City DJ company that covers the scope, detail, and creativity that David Anderson Weddings provides!

When you think of lighting, what comes to mind? When you think of lighting design, what comes to mind? If you have ever been to a large concert, do remember how the lighting made you feel? Did you know that there are different types of lighting? Did you know that the same fixtures could be used in different ways to create a unique ambiance or mood? Did you know that an experienced lighting designer can transform your event space by turning it from "blah" to "OMG?" A lighting "artist" can bring your theme or decorum to life! That's pretty cool right? Well guess what! David Anderson Weddings has an in house lighting designer who can bring that creative power to your celebration! Are you ready to share some ideas? 

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